English Summary

Porträt Dr. Brigitte Hebel, Gestalttherapeutin und Supervisorin

My name is Brigitte Hebel, I was born in 1958 and have lived for more than 20 years in Hamburg, Germany.

I will give you a short summary of my education and professional training as well as my work experience. Then I will tell you about my goals and focus of my work as a Gestalt Therapist and Coach.

In 1983, I graduated from the university in Germany with what would be the equivalent of Master’s Degree in Sociology. Right after completion of my degree, I moved to New York City with my husband who was working for an international shipping company.

After our son was born, I went to work in Brooklyn at the Family Reception Center. Here I worked as a family therapist with kids and their parents.

1988 we went back to Hamburg and I started a four year Gestalt Therapy Training program with the IGG Berlin. During this time I worked as a free-lance management trainerand focused on issues such as leadership and conflict management.

After graduating from the Gestalt Training I built up my private practice as a Gestalt therapist, supervisor and coach.

1999 I co-founded the IGF Hamburg, a Gestalt Training Institut in Hamburg, in the beginning in close alliance with the IGG Berlin.

2014 I got my PhD after finishing a dissertation about female identity.

All my work is based on the principle of the Gestalt Theory, like the „Here and Now“ principle. However, especially the „Paradoxical Theory of Change“ (Arnold Beisser): Change will occur once you are who you are and stop to be who you think you should be, is guiding my work towards the goal to support my client to find out who s/he is and how s/he can lead her life accordingly.